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Avi Cohen

Avi Cohen President at Vertex Product Development Inc. We help with design, engineering and complete product development solutions.

Avi Cohen's Bio:

Avi Cohen is the Owner and President of Vertex Product Development Inc. a leading award winning design and engineering consulting firm.

Avi is in charge of Vertex's client relations, project managing of product development programs.

Avi Cohen and his team was an important part in designing and engineering numerous product to the market place in the past 15 years.

Some of the industries served include, Industrial Equipment, High Tech Semiconductor machines, Medical and Laboratory Devices, Information Technologies and Consumer Electronics.

Some of the highlight accomplishments include:

Design and engineering of the WaveEtch 456 G2 wet processing fab machine from the ground up.

This was a successful effort to design, engineer and produce a brand new machine which was not existent before. 

Vertex’s responsibility was to design the unit from the ground up and integrating mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering and design into one product, as well as, off the shelve mini-environment wafer handling robot.

Printing Press Machine design of multiple press product line for Halm Industries.

Vertex's responsibility was to design a complete set of covers and access points and make an old product with new technology look better and more user friendly.

The task was to have these sets of covers and overall designs fit with current products and have an overall “family look” to the series of products.

Wall Mounted Internet Jukebox Design & Engineering

Providing a fresh look to an old classic product. 

Overall design and engineering, as well as, prototyping and production initiation was part of Vertex’s responsibilities.

KeyLink - High-rise and Institutions Keys Tracking System

KeyLink is designed to organize sets of keys, prevent unauthorized access, and provide a fully-documented audit trail of all key activity.


Complete Set of Electric Meters Design

Since 2002 Vertex is providing design and engineering services to one client, and designed more than 10 different products.

Our designs became the company new brand look in the marketplace.


Avi Cohen's Experience:

Avi Cohen's Education:

Avi Cohen's Interests & Activities:

Ideation and invention, robotics, physics, outdoor, hiking, rafting, caving,

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